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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  April 25, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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blizerian. hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's time for the best videos from the web, "right this minute." >> a suspect is trapped inside his wrecked car as deputies race to help. >> this is the guy they were just chasing down. >> see who heros face the flames to save a man's life. millions love instagram's playboy dan for his crazy videos. >> guns, women, fast cars. >> how his latest stunt pops them all but comes up short. >> [ bleep ]. >> two years ago we shod you a
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cat being >> she was found. >> see dixie's amazing return after all this time. plus the buzzword for your chance to win an ipad mini and a freestyler in action. >> he's out there practicing his tricks. >> why practice doesn't make perfect. >> yeah. quick decision making on behalf of a couple of sheriff deputies on display in this video out of georgia. who they're chasing after in this video, alsura frazier was behind the wheel of a jeep grand cherokee, apparently swerving on i-20 refusing to stop. frazier at high speeds tries to make a left and loses control of the jeep cherokee. the video from the sheriff's department right there. boom. flips the thing. but this is when these deputies spring into action. deputy west runs up to frazier's car, deputy hayman there as well
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to help out. the car is on fire. deputy west runs up, kicks out the windshield. >> my gracious. that's strength right there. >> absolutely. >> in the process of reaching in there to grab frazier. cuts his wrist. they pulled the guy out for safety. he was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. he's facing a whole bunch of charges. they saved this guy's life, a guy they were just chasing down. >> saved his life after he put them in jeopardy. >> big time. >> lives of so many other people in that community. >> investigators say i-20 is a big passage way for drugs. in the vehicle they found a sock with $6400 tied together in little rubber band sacks. they did bring a canine unit to the scene, didn't find any drugs but were able to find a bunch of air fresheners and soap scattered throughout the jeep cherokee which investigators say sometimes they use to hide the scent of drugs.
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they did find the scent on the money, on the $6400. you're not carrying $6400 in a sock because you're going to the mall. >> 10-18. >> get on the floor. dan is the ultimate instagram playboy. >> he's one of the most popular. >> more than 1.4 million followers. we're talking guns, women, fast cars. well, now, dan is getting a lot of attention for his 15-second video. watch what he's doing here. he is on a rooftop, he's picking up this naked woman by her hoha i might add. >> has a good hold. >> fling her into a pool? >> you guessed it, my friend. >> oh, my god. >> one, two, three. >> [ bleep ]. >> and she was close. >> she wasn't just close, she actually clipped the edge of that pool and ended up breaking her foot. >> oh, my god.
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>> because of it. >> oh. >> it sounds nasty. this is a terrible idea. >> let's talk about that for a second. who is she? why is she naked? >> she is an actress, a film actress of sorts. >> film, meaning? >> she does a lot of adult film. >> she's in porn. >> yes. >> okay. >> she's totally fine. she seems to be having a laugh about this because on social media she immediately posted that she just got a broken foot today, like no big deal. i just want to say this, dan, this total bad -- wasn't strong enough to throw this small woman far enough to fall in the pool. in my opinion he looks a bit like a dummy. >> i agree. >> i think he lost street cred with this one. >> a barking dog alerts you to something, but one woman in victoria australia got a big
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surprise in the pool. the dog was barking at a kangaroo that had fallen in. what you're seeing is an eastern gray kangaroo, not a little one, in the pool. jenny says she heard her dog barking, went out and checked and appears the kangaroo jumped the fence around the pool and got in the water. the kangaroo wasn't able to get itself out so she called animal control. they came and along with a neighbor, they worked to get the kangaroo out. you can see the kangaroo saying, hey, man, i'm tired, worn my nails down, please help me. what they've got is a lead they use to capture dogs. they got it around its neck. they tranquilized it and see them pulling the kangaroo out. >> oh. poor little fella. he didn't understand what was going on. >> but the good news is, they plan to release him the next day. >> i'm surprised they went through that much trouble. i figured they would fish him out of the pool and see him run away. >> once you tran kwalize a wild animal you have to wait until it
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gets better. you can't lay it out there. this is an animal story that may seem familiar to nick. you brought us the story in 2012. dixie the cat. the cat's owner loretta says dixie was kidnapped out of her front yard by somebody who walked up and said here kitty kitty. >> i remember that. >> i have good news, nick. >> she was found. >> this long ago? >> yes, this long ago. dixie was found by the people at forgotten felines because dixie has a micro chip. here are pictures of dixie. look at her curled up in her bed and happy to have her home. >> hey, everybody. it's friday and we're kicking off the weekend with an ipad mini giveaway. >> you need the buzzword and a twitter account. if you don't have one don't worry, it's easy to create one. >> the buzzword is coming up. you have to be 18 years old and a u.s. resident to enter. >> stand by for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway.
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memphis firefighters responding to a truck fire on the highway. this firefighter up on a ladder. watch what happens. >> oh, no. >> wow. >> and you know what, it's probably because he's got all that power coming from that water hose. >> he turned completely upside down. now he's on the other side of the ladder basically. >> he's hanging on to that ladder, starts to slide down, drops the hose, and then he dropped out of view. reports say that he only fell about a foot once that ladder slid down. he's in a lot of danger right here. >> he is. >> the vehicle is on fire. he's spraying water all over other vehicles that could have been distracted at this moment. >> other cars passing by, could have tossed him into traffic. >> no reports of any injuries. od news there. now ts kid,us th is bmx-er and freestyle rider max out there trying to perfect his tricks. watch what happens when he tries to grind this bench here. >> oh. >> that sound.
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>> i feel like he broke his back before he even got over the handlebars. >> he was in a back bend. >> gets secured by that right hand grip there. flips around. and then just that elbow. >> hanging roadside when something unexpected happens. >> lightning strike right in front of the vehicle. >> a clash with mother nature that nearly took them out. these little otter pups were left orphaned but now -- >> they're enjoying life i think to the fullest. >> how a surrogate mom and bunch of new friends has a happy and healthy. yeah. i heard about progressive's "name your price" tool? i guess you can tell them how much you want to pay and it gives you a range of options to choose from. huh? i'm looking at it right now. oh, yeah? yeah. what's the... guest room situation?
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so you can score more cash. activate your 5% cash back at chase. so you can. when mother nature wants to make a point, boy does she. check this video out in china. this is the strongest wind they've had in ten years in this area. keep an eye on this truck right here. do you see how it's starting to look a little unstable. >> you see it kind of rocking in the wind. >> oh, boy. there it goes. >> holy moly. >> that's how strong the winds were this day. you can hear it in the microphone in the audio of that video. >> it's crazy it blew over a truck and some of the skinny trees. >> well, it's just surface area. that truck was a big box truck like acting like a sail on a
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boat, caught all that wind and dumped it over. >> here are images of the aftermath. >> whoa. >> the siding on this building is just completely peeled off. another truck in what looks like a courtyard of a building. >> what else is creepy, is this town abandoned? there's not a single person on the street. >> they were all freaked out or blown away to the next city. >> where is everybody? post-apoc ka lintic. >> what else looks crazy this right here. these people with the dash cam pulled over on the side of the road. not sure why. but look at what happens here. >> a lightning -- >> a lightning strike right in front of the vehicle that takes out this tree right in front of them. you see it there. half the tree is gone. >> oh, my. >> oh, my goodness. >> this is a creepy street to begin with. >> yeah. >> scary. i want drive down this thing. >> and then that happens.
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>> the guilty giveaway. >> what is this? oh. tore up the bathroom. who did this? oh, was it you, baby girl? did you do that? you did it? it wasn't you? okay. was it you? not you? >> back in november of last year, i brought you guys this story. you may remember it three orphaned asian small clawed otter pups orphaned when locals were clearing out some land and they accidentally killed their mom. these otter pups were so young their little eyes and ears were still closed. but the locals took these otter pups to a woman named diana and she was helping bring them back to health, nursing them, feeding
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them, helping extricate their waste, all kinds of things a mom would do. >> that's not an easy job. >> at all. >> people know how to take care of dogs or cat, but otter pups? >> diana actually reached out to experts around the globe, people who knew exactly how to take care of these asian small clawed otter pups and she took all of that information to heart and i am glad to say i have a beautiful update for you guys. they're still living with diana, but they're enjoying life i think to the fullest. creatures.e always just been any time you see a video of them in the wild they're sliding, sledding, fun to watch. >> you will have fun watching these video updates on the otter pups. they have all males. they have baths. >> taking a bath in a bowl. now the otter pups playing outside with the turkey and the goat. >> they got all kinds of animals in this place. >> you can see they are being well taken care of. they seem to love their new
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friends, the goat, the turkey, the dog, and the chicken. >> this is the basis for a children's book. >> it's like a disney story. the mom dies in the beginning. >> right. >> like horrible fire. >> yeah. >> rescued. they call these animals friends. incredible. you're about to witness a world record attempt. >> watch this. >> yeah. >> on the next "right this minute." and still to come -- some guys out fishing get super excited when they spot a great white. >> they fed it, they tried to pet this thing. >> but see why getting too close bites them in the behind. >> what? >> plus want a chance to win an ipad mini. you'll need the friday buzzword coming up. a surprise for you. [[ r ratattltlining g] wanna see whwhatat's in it? yeah! whwhoaoagagaspsp!! whwhoagasp! whoagasp! yoyou u wawannnna a mamak? yyouou p putut i it t inin h h? yeah, put t itit i in n th. ok, just press.
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6:20 pm stay in touch all day long. now back to the show. daniel fleming and james tate out there just doing some standard fishing. 9 news in australia describes the boat these guys are on as a small, shaky boat. >> small, shaky boat. >> what you don't want to see when you're on a small, shaky boat is this. that is a 16-foot long great white shark that's very close to their boat, circling their boat. 9 news says the shark was bigger than the boat. >> what? >> they fed it. they tried to pet this thing. you can see how pumped up these guys are. >> bros. >> that's australians for you. they live on a giant continental island full of weird animals. that's how you live. >> at one point started chewing on their boat. >> what? >> they had to slap it on the head and make the thing swim away. >> that is a small shaky boat.
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>> that's a big, humongous shark. >> yeah. this is south of the gold coast in australia. after they slapped the giant great white jaws their buddy's boat was behind them, shannon ryan, his boat was sort of the next target for this thing. >> this is right out of the movie. >> the funny part about this video, all the guys in the video are like not like -- you know. >> because you wonder they don't fall in the water they're safe. >> they were eating the boat! >> he didn't eat the boat. >> look at this. right here, bite marks. bite marks from the shark on the middle part of the boat. >> wow. >> yep. >> that's cool. >>s sliced right through that metal. >> they had to slap a shark. >> i certainly feel this guy's pain. i think you might be able to feel it too because sometimes you just can't hold back. that gag reflex. no matter how precious the moment might be.
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>> i feel like i found my video soulmate. >> yep. >> this is dan. he is apparently changing his baby daughter lily's diaper for the very first time. >> he's not really changing. trying to. >> he's trying. he's attempting. he goes beyond just the gag reflux, i'm sorry to say. >> he pukes. >> might make you a little sick, steven. >> you know what, that's silly. so many men who change diapers all the time. his face is all red. >> yes. >> he's having a hard time here. this is not easy. >> what's he going to do? leave the diaper on until m e at this moment he's thinking, yes, yes, i will. >> gross. >> all right. time for us to give away an ipad mini. >> you would need a twitter account.
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if you don't have one don't worry it's easy to create one when you enter. >> enter on our website at and click on the win an ipad mini and today's buzzword. >> the buzzword for friday is teenage. >> get over to and click on the win an ipad mini button and enter the buzzword, teenage,t-e >> don't forget to follow us on twitter. >> good luck, everybody. . >> this combination i believe is almost as good as peanut butter and jelly. >> dogs and motorcycle side cars. >> it's like a paradise for a dog. >> the story behind the four-legged frie
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there is apparently getting upset with all the attitude, negative feedback so she's giving some lip. >> are my videos funny? >> no. you also look hideous on camera. >> find me the closest mcdonald's. >> it's on bath street before the coronary bypass. >> she's mean. >> what's playing at the movies tonight? >> you. somebody get this guy a bra. >> let's go. i'm so hungry. >> no problem. >> obviously this guy is making fun of people, i think, who just use siri. you ask siri to do these things and can't do it yourself. >> i use the remind me siri all the time. >> really? >> do you write it down? >> should i do the smack cam thing? >> don't be an idiot. >> what's the weather like
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today? >> it's sunny with a 100% chance of extreme fat sweats. >> she's really harsh with this guy. he must have mistreated her in the beginning. >> that mean siri lady. >> hi, fatso. >> hummingbird gets saved from mesh screen. ♪ this combination, i believe, is almost as good as peanut butter and jelly. >> the best day of his life every time we get on that motorcycle. >> dogs and motorcycle side cars. >> i just told him to get in the side car and i put a set of goggles on him and we just took off down the road. >> throw a little pair of doggles on your best buddy, side car and hit the road. better than sticking your head
6:27 pm
out the window. it's like a paradise for a dog. >> they are experiencing the world much more richly through their nose than through their eyes. >> they say it's almost like an orgasm for dogs. >> i would be riding in the side car too. >> the film called "sit stay ride" the story of side car dogs is a kick starting project that has reached its funding goal but still accepting donations to include more stories of dogs inside cars. >> when things are tough in your life there is no better cure than a fluffy little animal giving unconditional love. >> i love somebody went out across america and found all these people who put their dogs in their side cars. that must have been quite a feat in and of itself. >> we have the filmmakers joining us "right this minute," eric and geneva, where did this whole idea come from and why decide to make a film about it? >> >> we were actually working on another documentary about mort cycling, a more general subject and we interviewed a
6:28 pm
couple of people who had side cars and side car dogs. we just thought that was such a terrific subject matter and we started to interview more folks who did have side car dogs and found that they were just interesting personalities. >> we feel that the subject matter is just so joyful and it's so fun to capture on film too. >> there is definitely a connection between the rider and the dog. >> for most of these people who ride, did they gethe sidear for t dog they and the dog just decided to jump in? >> most were motorcyclists to begin with and then they adopted or they have a dog that they loved and they wanted to find a way to kind of merge the two passions. they ended up getting a side car bike. >> lastly, when can we see your film? >> toward the end of the summer or early fall, it should be out there. >> i call him my co-pilot. he never steers me wrong. that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." we'll see you next time, everybody. female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event
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♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we have the best videos of the day coming your way, "right this minute." an incredible rescue tale after a dog is found in a trash bin. >> in the most awful condition you could possibly imagine. >> now see edgar's journey from hopeless to happiness. >> a biker with a gopro sees what's about to happen. >> watch this, watch this. >> he got out of the way. >> the trail of carnage when others weren't so lucky. a bank teller spots something in a man's hand. >> that would be a machete. in his other hand a hammer.


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